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Example Applications

Application of the STOMP simulator to classical groundwater problems, where analytical, semi-analytical, or numerical solutions are available in the literature, is described in the STOMP Application Guide. Text descriptions and references for STOMP applications reported in the open literature are provided in the reference section of these documents. The STOMP simulator applications described below are intended to provide the reader with a general overview of the code's capabilities and diversity. Each application is described through background text material, images of simulation results, and references to more detailed discussions. The applications for this section have been chosen to demonstrate the simulator's application over a range of scales from laboratory experiments to field deployments of remediation technologies and over a range of hydrologic systems from aqueous flow and transport to nonisothermal natural heat pipes to NAPL migrations with nonwetting fluid entrapment to frozen soil conditions.

  Example Application Operational Mode
1 Las Cruces Trench STOMP-W
2 LNAPL Infiltration STOMP-WOA
3 In-Well Vapor Stripping STOMP-WOA
4 Air Sparging STOMP-WA
5 Ensembled-Averaged Solute Transport STOMP-W
6 Air Drying of Unsaturated Soil STOMP-WAE
7 S-SX Contaminant Migration STOMP-W
8 Nonisothermal Multiphase Fluid Flow STOMP-W and STOMP-WAE
9 Water Movement Near the Columbia River STOMP-W