Installation (e)

Each mode of eSTOMP contains a unique set of FORTRAN files and modules.  The eSTOMP simulator is distributed as source code for a particular operational mode, with the source code of external packages (e.g., PETSc and GA Toolkit libraries) that must be installed before compiling eSTOMP.   Assembly of the executable occurs through the make utility (Talbott 1988) which is also distributed with the source code. Except for external packages, the eSTOMP simulator is coded in FORTRAN90.

Distributing an open source allows users to read and modify the simulator, which will hopefully result in an open exchange of scientific ideas. A drawback of an open source is that the user is responsible for compiling and linking the source code to generate an executable. Users will also need to compile the external libraries independently of eSTOMP.  This inherently assumes that the user has a FORTRAN compiler and installed MPI libraries to compile and link eSTOMP, and is familiar with its use for generating code.

Installation Instructions

The following instructions are for installing eSTOMP-W.

Required Software Packages

Installation Steps

  1. Install MPI, Global Arrays, BLAS and LAPACK and PETSc libraries.
  2. Install the optional H5Part and HDF5 library
  3. Modify the distributed Makefile to point to the library locations needed by eSTOMP
  4. Type make to create the eSTOMP executable

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