Post-Processing (e)

Several utilities have been developed to help users post-process files to reformat the eSTOMP data so that it can be read by a variety of plotting software. These utilities are scripts written in the Perl programming language and are distributed with the eSTOMP source code.  These scripts have been written for STOMP, but can be used with eSTOMP ascii output. transforms the output file into formatted input for GnuplotGrapherIgorMatLabPlotmtvTecplot or SciDAVis. transforms the plot.n files into formatted input for GnuplotMatLabPlotmtvSurfer and Tecplot. transforms the surface file into formatted input for TecplotGnuplotGrapherIgorSciDAVis or Plotmtv.


HDF5 utilities are available at if the binary, compressed file format is used for writing out eSTOMP plot file data.

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