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Hardware Requirements

The STOMP simulator is written in the FORTRAN 77 language, following American National Standards Institute (ANSI 1978) standards, and was designed primarily for execution on computers with UNIX operating systems. An assembled source code, however, can be compiled and executed on any computer with an ANSI FORTRAN compiler, provided that the machine has sufficient memory. Although there is a general correspondence in computer design between memory size and execution speed, sufficient memory to compile and execute is not an assurance that the machine will have sufficient execution speeds to complete a simulation within a reasonable time period.

Source codes for the sequential versions of the simulator are available in pure FORTRAN 77 or mixed FORTRAN 77/90 forms.  The pure FORTRAN 77 source code form requires a parameters file to define the memory requirements for the array elements.  The mixed FORTRAN 77/90 form of the source code uses dynamic memory allocation to define memory requirements, based on a FORTRAN 90 preprocessor STEP, that reads the input files.

The simulator utilizes a variable source code configuration, which allows the execution memory and speed to be tailored to the problem specifics, and essentially requires that the source code be assembled and compiled through a software maintenance utility.  The memory requirements for executing the simulator depend on the complexity of physical system to be modeled and the size and dimensionality of the computational domain.  Likewise, execution speed depends on the problem complexity, size and dimensionality of the computational domain, and computer performance.



Availability & Licensing