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Knowledge Requirements

Correct application of the STOMP simulator requires the user to have knowledge in the area of numerical simulation and a basic understanding of the equations representing multiphase non-isothermal fluid flow and transport in geologic media. Correct formulation of any scientific problem requires not only an in-depth understanding of the system that is being modeled and of the data used for input to the model, but also of how to implement this conceptual understanding in a numerical model. Within a given operational mode, the user must understand the physical and chemical processes being modeled by that mode in order to correctly formulate the problem, create the input files, and interpret the results.

The STOMP documentation provides the user with information pertinent to the application of STOMP to solve problems of multiphase non-isothermal fluid flow and transport in geologic media and is not intended to be a primer or textbook for learning the science of numerical modeling.



Availability & Licensing