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Availability & Licensing

Battelle Memorial Institute (Battelle) retains copyright on all versions, revisions, and operational modes of the Subsurface Transport Over Multiple Phases (STOMP) software simulator, as permitted by the U.S. Department of Energy. Parties interested in obtaining a copy of one or more operational modes of the software must first undergo an export control review by Battelle and enter into a non-exclusive license agreement with Battelle, the form of which depends on the party affiliation as listed below.

Government Agencies

Since STOMP has been developed with U.S. Government funds, the U.S. Government and those parties working on behalf of the U.S. Government, have certain limited rights in such software at no cost.

Those U.S. Government agencies, or parties working on behalf of such, can acquire the -W, -W-R, -WAE, -WO, -WOA, -WS, -CO2, -CO2E, and -HYD operational modes of STOMP by downloading and completing the Government Use Agreement Form and returning it to the address specified on the form.

Those government agencies that do not have a U.S. Government association and are interested in obtaining a license to STOMP should contact Sara Hunt, Commercialization Manager at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory.


Battelle has historically provided low-fee copies of the STOMP simulator to students and professors conducting research at universities within and outside of the United States. Under this arrangement, Battelle has requested that researchers first submit a formal written request [click here to submit request] prior to execution of a simple Educational Use Site License. The available operational modes of STOMP are -W, -W-R, -WAE, -WO, -WOA, -WS, -CO2, -CO2E, and -HYD. The associated license fees are $300.00 for domestic-based and $500.00 for foreign-based universities. These distributions of the STOMP software are designed to benefit both the university and Battelle through growth of the user base and collaborative research and development.

Commercial or Private Organizations

Commercial interest in the STOMP software simulator has been growing in recent years. Organizations can enter into a commercial site license with Battelle for modifying and/or using the STOMP simulator for their internal purposes. The available operational modes of STOMP are -W, -W-R, -WAE, -WO, -WOA, -WS, -CO2, -CO2E, and -HYD. The terms of such a license are negotiable in view of the variety and broad scope of commercial needs. Further, the commercial party has the option of linking the license to a concurrent collaborative research and development activity with Battelle. Under such arrangements, Battelle will typically retain sole ownership of all intellectual property rights to the software as provided by Battelle. The software license will typically limit the use of STOMP for internal purposes with no rights to sublicense the software. For more information please contact Sara Hunt, Commercialization Manager at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory.



Availability & Licensing