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Short Course Example Problems

The example application problems provided here are those presented during an introductory STOMP short course. They are intended to provide the student with a general overview of the code's capabilities and diversity. Each application is described through background text material, images of simulation results, and references to more detailed discussions. Additional exercises with solutions are also provided. The applications have been chosen to demonstrate the simulator's application over a range of scales from laboratory experiments to field deployments of remediation technologies and over a range of hydrologic systems from aqueous flow and transport to nonisothermal natural heat pipes to NAPL migrations with nonwetting fluid entrapment to frozen soil conditions. The problems are of increased complexity, ranging from simple one-dimensional saturated flow of a single phase, to problems describing flow and transport of several phases.

Problem Number
Operational Mode
Problem Description
Example Input File(s)*
W-1 STOMP-W Aqueous Flow in Saturated and Unsaturated Porous Media input file

Aqueous Flow to a Well in a Confined Multi-Layer System

input file

Solute Transport in a Saturated Porous Media

input file

Linked-List X-Y-Z Seepage Face and Hydraulic Gradient Boundary Conditions

input file

Transport, kinetic biodegradation, cell growth, and kinetic sorption

zipped input files
W-6 STOMP-W ECKEChem Uranium sorption/desorption due to river water/groundwater interactions zipped input files

Radial Flow of Supercritical CO2 from an Injection Well (GeoSeq #3)

input file
CO2-2 STOMP-CO2 Discharge of Sequestered CO2 Along a Fault Zone (GeoSeq #4) input file
CO2-3 STOMP-CO2 CO2 Injection into a 2-Dimensional Layered Brine Formation (GeoSeq #7) input file
CO2-4 STOMP-CO2 Contrasting Pressure- and Flow-Controlled CO2 Injection Wells input file
CO2-5 STOMP-CO2 ECKEChem Mineral Trapping in a Glauconitic Sandstone (GeoSeq #5) input file
CO2-6 STOMP-CO2 ECKEChem Mineral Trapping in a Basaltic Formation input file
CO2-7 STOMP-CO2 Viscous Fingering with Dissolution of CO2 into Brine input file
CO2-8 STOMP-CO2 CO2 Injection into a Hybrid Heterogeneous Domain zipped input files
CO2E-1 STOMP-CO2E CO2 Plume Evolution and Leakage through an Abandoned Well (Stuttgart #1a) input file
CO2E-2 STOMP-CO2E Estimating the CO2 Storage Capacity of a Geological Formation (Stuttgart #3) zipped input files

*Be sure to rename example input files to input before executing STOMP.