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Additional Documentation

The application, theory, and use of the STOMP simulator are documented in six manuals:

The Theory Guide describes the governing equations, constitutive relations and numerical solution algorithms that comprise the simulator.

The User's Guide describes the general use, input file formatting, compilation and execution of the simulator. The User Guide Appendices provide detailed input specifications and examples.

The STOMP-CO2 and -CO2E User's Guide describes the theory, use, and application of the STOMP-CO2 and STOMP-CO2E operational modes.

The Addendum: soil-vegetation-atmosphere transfer, describes the theory and application of the simulator to sparsely vegetated surfaces while considering ponding, runoff, evaporation, infiltration, and plant transpiration.

The Addendum: ECKEChem, describes the theory, use, and application of the ECKEChem (EquilibriumConservation-Kinetic Equation Chemistry) reactive transport package for the STOMP simulator.

The Application Guide provides instructive examples in the application of the simulator to classical groundwater problems.

These guides were written for scientists and engineers with an understanding of multiple-phase hydrologic systems, including concepts of thermodynamics, computational fluid dynamics, thermodynamics, relative permeability-saturation-capillary pressure theories, and reactive transport. The authors further assumed that the reader would be familiar with the computing environment on which the simulator would be compiled and executed.