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Improve your experience with the STOMP user guide: Tips and Shortcuts

This user guide intends to provide the user with an easy way to understand and work with the STOMP simulator. This page provides tips and shortcuts to ensure a better experience with the simulator user guide.

Web browser

Using the Mozilla Firework web browser will guarantee an optimal navigation through the user guide. Some capabilities (e.g., expansion boxes) may not be fully supported by other web browsers (i.e., Internet Explorer).

Mozilla Firefox can be downloaded here.

Where to get the simulator?

Information for acquiring a license and the source code can be found on the availability and licensing page.

Installing STOMP on your computer.

Instructions and requirements for installing STOMP are provided on the installation page.

User Interface

  • To return to the home page, click on the header of the table of contents located on the right panel.
  • To reach a specific page, click on the desired page in the table of contents located on the right panel.

Defining the problem.

Prior to creating an input file or assembling the source code, it is important to choose the appropriate operational mode, which is dependent on the solved governing flow and transport equations, constitutive relation extensions, and implementation type (i.e., sequential vs. scalable).

Navigating through an operational mode page

  • Once the appropriate Operational Mode is chosen, navigate through the required/optional input cards using the table of contents located on the right panel or in the table.


Understanding the input card presentation

Each input card has its own page, composed of a basic description of the card with access to the different options available (if needed), the required card syntax, and some real examples.

Understanding the input file syntax

Building the input file requires specific syntax for each card. For help in understanding how the syntax is presented in this User Guide, check the card syntax tips.


STOMPshare addresses specific software quality requirements associated with released versions of the STOMP and eSTOMP simulators regarding:

  • communication (in the form of electronic announcements, directed emails, and team roster and roles)
  • software change request (include submittal, evaluation, and resolution)
  • quality assurance and testing documentation
  • training

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