Output File Post-processing

Post-processing of the output file can be done with the Perl script  The user must have Perl installed on their machine. The program transforms the output file into formatted input for Gnuplot, Grapher, Igor, MatLab, PlotmtvTecplot or SciDAVis.

The minimum command line is:


after which the user is prompted for the plotting package name, plotting package input file name, STOMP output file name, reference nodes, and reference node variables.

Example screen output

However, the command line can be expanded to include these options.  A few examples of expanded command lines are:

Commands -an -t Gnuplot output.dat output
prints all nodes (variables and title will be prompted) to file output.dat -av -an Tecplot ref_nodes.dat output
prints all nodes and variables to file ref_nodes.dat Grapher ref_nodes.dat output
prints (variables and nodes will be prompted) to file ref_nodes.dat -av -t Tecplot tecplot.dat output
prints all variables (nodes and title will be prompted) to file tecplot.dat



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